Why Testing Solutions?

We have the knowledge, skills and ability to relate to your son or daughter to help he or she reach his or her full potential. We are always available for consultation (call us, email us, text us) to answer any question that you as a parent might have or any question that your son or daughter might have about his or her assignments.

We keep our teaching environments fairly relaxed. We have found that students respond better and are more willing to put forth the effort needed to succeed if they feel comfortable and relaxed. Learning is more fun and productive when it is less stuffy.

Testing Solutions is not a franchise, it’s my baby. I will not hire someone just to fill a position; I only hire tutors who meet very high standards in terms of knowledge, skill, character and personality. When you allow us to help your son or daughter, I assure you that they will receive the best tutoring possible.

The most important reason to choose Testing Solutions: Our students are not statistics to us. We truly care about our students and helping them achieve their goals.

"You helped our son’s grade increase
5 points to a 24! Incredible! Our son
was accepted into several colleges, had
some options, and his self-esteem soared.
Thank you Jesse!” -- Robyn U.

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