Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of statistics can you provide regarding your success rate?
We don't keep statistics on our students for a couple reasons. While it is true that numbers don't lie, they also don't always tell the whole truth. This is especially true if the person trying to sell you something is coming up with those numbers. There are tutors who are selective about whom they take as clients and who they follow up with for scores after tutoring, that skews the numbers considerably. We don't discriminate when it comes to who we take as students. We think everyone deserves the best possible assistance. The other problem is that how much a student improves is dependent in large part on the effort they put in. Instead of statistics we usually see if the parents or students know people who have used me so they can ask them about their experience working with me or my tutors. We are always willing to provide people with references as well. We also believe that there needs to be a fit between student and teacher. The most capable tutor is ineffective if they cannot connect and relate to the student.

What are the benefits of preparing for my ACT, SAT or PSAT?
Tutoring can help raise your scores! And as we all know, better test scores typically lead to scholarships and financial aid at better colleges and universities. A good college can in-turn lead to a better job outlook upon graduation, which can start you off on the right track in life. Financial aid and merit scholarships (much in part due to ACT/SAT scores) can either help you attend a college that may have been previously out of reach, or help bring down the overall cost of tuition. Did you know that the average graduating senior with student loans owes $23,186? That’s just undergraduate school.

What kinds of gains are realistic?
On the ACT, a gain of 2-4 points is typical. I have had students improve as many as 8 points. On the SAT, the typical gain is 150-300 points. There are no guarantees, and a fair deal of the score improvement is reliant on the effort put forth by the student. However, I can promise I will provide each student all the tools they need to reach their full potential.


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